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Chrisolam Communications Inc is a communications outfit that offers a wide spectrum of leading edge media and publishing services to ensure bridging of the gap between its numerous clients and their publics.

Our services include effective Public/Media Relations Campaigns; unmatched Printing and Publishing Services; Creative Advertising; epoch-making Event Packaging and Management, among other mass media-related services, for our numerous clients, and eProducts/eServices Marketplace..

We ensure thoughtful and responsible identification of our clients’ objectives, and assemble the right mix of skills and resources to propel their actualisation. We value our clients’ perspective and anticipate their needs. With intelligence and ingenuity, timeliness and accuracy, we bridge the gap between our clients and their goals and world.

While we build long-term partnership with clients in five areas – quality of performance, quality of thinking, quality of people and quality of relationship.



Everything you do or say is Public Relations. Public Relations is about reputation. Reputation is the cornerstone of power. We manage our clients’ public/media relations so well that we achieve abiding mutual understanding between them and their publics, thereby giving them power over their world.

Our Media Relations is quite effective because We believe in informed, one-on-one personal communication with journalists. Whether we have an existing relationship or speaking for the first time, this direct approach establishes a productive dialogue for our clients. We take the time to prepare our clients to become expert sources for the media. We do our research, find the right reporter for the right story, and pick up the phone.
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WITH the ever changing multi-media world, strategic advertising agency thinking becomes critical in leveraging competitive advantage, thereby connecting and building relationships more powerful than ever. We have an integrated thinking model that bridges the gap between people and brands via insights, strategic planning and innovation.

We are a full advertising agency with young and dynamic professionals. We conduct detailed research to create ideas – advertising, design, digital and social that drives business performance. Just like water could turn a leave-withered tree to a green-leave-tree, we make a dead business come alive; an existing business live and a living business abiding, through our well-researched and creative advertising.

We specialise in creating communications that connect and build relationships with brands and the publics. Our portfolio of clients is diverse, including: Amazon Magazine, Abuja; Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Oyo State Council; Pen Group of Schools; Dellynetwork Travels and Tours, and Adicom International Limited, among others.
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A good idea needs be coupled with good packaging for the expected acceptability. We spice up your events with a Midas Touch, making it epoch-making and historic with its memory lingering on for more than a while!

Our comprehensive understanding of our clients’ needs, couple with our excellent acquaintance of the terrain, makes us first choice for the most rewarding and challenging experiences in handling events.

From the inception stage, we make sure every detail is looked into, nothing is overlooked or under looked. Our excellent touch ensures clients are contented. With us you can be sure to go to bed while we dot the i’s and cross your t’s.
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CRITICAL to the success of any marketing strategy is the delivery of a consistent and passionate branding message about your company’s products and services. This is because corporate visual identity plays a significant role in the way an organization presents itself to both internal and external stakeholders. In general terms, a corporate visual identity expresses the values and ambitions of an organization, its business, and its characteristics.

Interestingly, many companies don’t know how to tell their own story, thereby giving customers a valid reason to do business with them.

We manage corporate visual identity management of organisations, private and public, thereby helping them to plan, maintain, assess and develop a corporate visual identity as well as associated tools and support, anticipating developments both inside and outside the organization, and engaging employees in applying it, with the objective of contributing to employees’ identification with and appreciation of the organisation as well as recognition and appreciation among external stakeholders.
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A working pen, they say, is far better than the most intelligent brain! We turn imagination to reality; accurately passing across information to a dispersed and heterogeneous audience to achieve the goal it is designed for and makes the author of the information live after death.

With more than a decade of printing expertise, Chrisolam Communications Inc. has been offering trustworthy solutions on time with the assurance of consistent quality and reliability.

Chrisolam Communications Inc. possess printing expertise in Book printing, Stationary & much more. Pamphlets, Catalogues, Brochures, Coffee Table Books, Magazines, Paper Carry Bags, Diaries/Planner, Labels, Newsletter/Journal, Annual Report are a few products to name from the entire lot.
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MyeBookHub is a fully-featured and automated eProducts/eServices marketplace, with a wide range of eBooks, Audio Books, Videos, eNewspapers and eServices from individuals and corporate authors and publishers.
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