About Us

The seed of Chrisolam Communications Nigeria was planted – one that would redefine the role of Printing and Publishing, Public and Media Relations, Advertising, Event Packaging and Management, Corporate Branding and Graphics Design, in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Grounded by our core values and strengthened by our independence, we help clients communicate, engage and build a relationship with their stakeholders and publics. In a bid to further expand and bring all our companies and products under one umbrella, we renamed the company as Chrisolam Communications Inc.

Chrisolam Media Productions
This is the arm of Chrisolam Communications Inc. that provides end-to-end narrative solutions for branding, TV commercials, original content, corporate communications, social events and sound engineering. The need to spice up video and film production informed our emergence.

We partner with our clients because we believe that only by harnessing public relations that brands, government and businesses retain immediacy and transparency to build credibility and trust.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards by our employees (online and offline) and with our clients.

At Chrisolam Communications Inc. quality is part of our DNA. Together with our clients, we will be partners in dynamic, creative relationships. We will thoughtfully and responsibly identify their objectives and assemble the right mix of skills and resources to meet them. We will value their perspective and anticipate their needs. With intelligence and ingenuity, timeliness and accuracy, we will bridge the gap between our clients and their goals and world. To build a long-term partnership with clients in five areas – the quality of performance, quality of thinking, quality of people and the quality of the relationship.